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Want To Become A Full-Time Travel Blogger? Follow Those 6 Tips

Getting paid to travel the world sounds exciting right?

Having the freedom to discover new countries seems like a great idea but it can get overwhelming and there can be a misconception on how much work it takes to make travel blogging your full-time job.

There are thousands of travel blogs online and standing out from the crowd is tough. Turning your passion into a full-time job requires persistence and focus.

If you are an aspiring travel blogger, discover the 6 secrets to being successful and earn a good living from blogging:


1. DEVELOP YOUR KNOWLEDGE: running a travel blog is like running your own business. Learn the skills that will allow you to be successful. Read the books and listen to the podcasts of experts in your field and apply the tips you have learnt. Additionally to travel books, be curious about other topics such as marketing, management, and writing. To stand out, you need to constantly learn, increase your knowledge and continuously test and learn. By widening your perspectives, you will create breakthrough ideas and become a real expert in your field. Be patient, put in the time and it will pay off.


2. STAND OUT: whatever you are going to write about, present it in a different way and bring value to the conversation. Follow what you are curious about and be confident in your point of view. Know your motives for writing your blog and sharing your vision with your readers. Present a subject in a way that hasn’t been done before. If everyone is serious, be funny. If everyone includes pictures, create a video, charts and maps. If everyone is concise, go deep. Stand out on social media is important and engaging with your community will make a difference.


3. INVEST IN YOUR WEBSITE: your website is your brand. First impressions matter and your blog visitors will form an opinion about it within the first seconds. The design, as much as the content, show the effort you have put into it and will determine if your readers will come back. Invest in a consistent visual branding: brand colours, colour overlay, and design elements build a brand identity and improve the reader’s experience. Focus on what you are good at and outsource the other skills.


4. FIND YOUR SPECIALITY: develop your niche and go as narrow and focused as possible such as specializing in a specific demographic, type of travel or destination. You can also think about combining two niches such as ‘travel and food’ or ‘travel and family’ for example. Focusing, allows you to become an expert and build your reputation in a specific field. It’s not only about finding a niche, you also need to make sure you are passionate about it and that you will put your heart into it.


5. PROMOTE PRODUCTS: if you are aiming to make your blog your main business rather than a side hustle, create products such as a course, a book, or t-shirts. Selling your own items allows you to be independent of sponsors and scale your website. Not relying on brand deals will help you build trust with your audience and it will pay off in the long term.


6. MAKE IT ABOUT THEM: stop talking about yourself and focus on your readers. Provide practical advice that they can apply, tell good stories that they will laugh about and focus on the emotional level. Bring value to your readers and understand what they are interested in.

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