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Summer Beauty Essentials To Take With You Everywhere

It is finally this time of the year: glowing complexion, effortless beachy hair, and sun-kissed skin. Summer is calling for a less-is-more approach to beauty. Heavy creams, full-coverage foundations, and dark lipsticks are replaced with lightweight moisturizers and coral lips. 

With the wide range of hair, makeup, and beauty must-haves to choose from, packing your toiletry bag this summer can be quite a challenge.
Along with leg-baring skirts, pedicure flaunting sandals and dependable sunscreen, consider these beauty products to be your summer essentials.


  1. A REVITALIZING BODY WASH: a refreshing shower gel will cleanse the skin, awaken the body and stimulate the mind. Choose a citrusy delicate fragrance and transform your shower time into a luxurious aromatherapy session. An invigorating body wash can uplift your spirit and be a real treat while making the skin feeling velvety-soft.
  1. A REFRESHING FACE MIST: a way to increase your skin’s hydration during summer is by layering an application of face mist in between your skincare and makeup products. However, keep in mind that there are different face mists for different skin care goals: hydrating, calming, soothing, moisturizing. Adding this step to your skin care routine can lead to a more radiant skin thanks to an improved absorption of moisturizer and smoother application of makeup. A quick misting can give dry skin the extra boost it needs, in particular after a day at the pool when skin tends to get dull.
  1. A VERSATILE BODY SCRUB: exfoliate your limbs with a nourishing scrub to clear away dead skin cells and leave your skin clear and healthy looking. Body scrubs are great for lifting away dirt and excess oil, as well as stimulating circulation. Choose a scrub that has a texture that feels right on your body and smell that you are obsessed with. Select a multitasking scrub that will also nourish your skin while getting rid of the dry and flaky body parts. Get your glow on and feel the difference after the first use.
  1. A MOISTURISING LIP BALM: our lips tend to be the first thing that gets forgotten when it comes to skincare and they are also the first area to dry out as soon as the heat hits. Your lips need good hydration and it is crucial to have a barrier of protection between you and the elements. After you have religiously applied your sunscreen before going out, make it also a habit to apply a moisturizing lip balm that will help you achieve the smile you want.
  1. A SUN-FREE BRONZE GLOW: getting a spray tan before you go on holiday gives you that gorgeous summer glow before you’ve had your week away. As your spray tan fades, your real tan will develop if you are out in the sun. Another way to achieve a skin that is similar to a bronze goddess is to apply a translucent bronzer or wipe a tanning towel.
  1. A VIBRANT NAIL POLISH: for nail polish in the summer, think bright neons and vibrant coral shades. Match your beauty look to the warm sunny days with a pretty polish that helps turn up the heat and your summer sandals will look even chicer with a bright and peppy pedicure. Ditch the natural shades that you have been using for long in exchange for fun shades. 
  1. A TRAVEL PERFUME SPRAY: these hot days can make us feel sticky before we have even headed out of the door. To keep a fresh scent, refill your favorite fragrance in a portable travel spray and carry it everywhere you go. Distinct Scent travel spray is a top rated product and has an easy refill with a patented no spill technology.
  1. A WATERPROOF MASCARA: if you are planning to transition from beach to bar, waterproof mascara is a must. Racoon eyes are not in trend this summer! Although it is excellent for certain occasions, using waterproof mascara on a regular basis will dry out your lashes and lead to breakage. Try introducing a lash serum into your summer routine to make them softer and a lash primer for a protective barrier. To remove it, it is important to use an oil-based makeup remover first.

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