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Not Traveling Abroad? No Problem! Make Your Staycation Your Best Holiday Ever

You don’t need to travel far to take a break. Staying at home or in your home country can be fun and it can save you money, time and stress. It is also a good way to get you and your family out of your routine and unwind from your day to day.


Satisfy your wanderlust, it’s time to plan your ultimate staycation:


CHOOSE YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION: the travel buddy you choose will affect how much you enjoy your trip and the souvenirs that come with it. Spending time with people on the road isn’t the same as hanging out with someone at home. Make sure to spend time with your companion before the trip. Having common interests and discussing the plan in advance will ease the way. If there is no easy choice, choose someone who fits your own traveling style and likes to try new things or consider traveling alone. Traveling by yourself means not relying on anyone and you can change plans anytime. Your schedule is entirely yours to decide but beware that it can become addictive!


PLAN A BUDGET: even if you are not traveling abroad, you will probably end up spending money on activities and accommodation. Start your research and get an estimate for what this will cost. Check which form of transportation works best for you, decide what type of accommodation you prefer and estimate your budget for food and activities. Once you have set a realistic budget and included emergency funds, track what you are spending and adapt as you go. Travel should be fun and planning ahead makes the anticipation of the trip much sweeter.


GET CREATIVE: once you have decided on your budget, you can allocate which portion of your budget will go on activities. Think outside the box and get out of your way to try something new. Eat a new type of food you’ve never tried before, scour online to find good deals and be open to getting surprised. Plan this staycation as a real holiday and shake up your routine. Make sure to avoid the staycation trap and stay connected to work because you are in the same city. It’s easy to be tempted to doing chores and catching up on running errands but turn this time into a real treat.


GET PACKING: if you decide to rent a hotel room or private accommodation, pack a bag full of essentials for some me-time. Remember that you are close to home so it’s much easier to bring items that normally don’t fit into your luggage. Sheet masks, loungewear and slippers will make you comfortable and help you unwind. Create a relaxing environment and turn your room into a spa with a travel candle, bath bombs and room spray. Always feel your best by packing your favourite perfume on holiday with Distinct Scent travel spray.


BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY: when was the last time you took a tour in your own city? Open the map of your town and pick out the places you always wanted to go to. This is your chance to get off the main street and discover hidden shops and restaurants.


TRY NEW EXPERIENCES: taking time off work is a perfect time to experience new things and to push your boundaries. Get out of your comfort zone by trying a new activity, new food or a new place. Face your fears and seek for adrenaline rushes. Additionally to recharging your batteries, you might end up meeting new people and get a new perspective in life.

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