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If You Wear Perfume Everyday, This Will Happen

Wearing perfume is empowering. Have you ever noticed that we often feel better when wearing our fragrance compared to when we are not?


Read on to find the 7 benefits of wearing perfume on a daily basis:


1. FRAGRANCE: perfume helps with ensuring that we smell our best throughout the day and draw the attention of the crowd. A good quality perfume can make us smell well throughout the day. Bring your perfume everywhere with you with Distinct Scent travel spray.

2. ENHANCES OUR MOOD: perfume helps with lifting our spirit and easing our mind. It triggers some memories and boosts our energy. Pay attention to the scents you wear and monitor the impact on your mood. Try different fragrances on and learn which scent brings the feelings you are looking for. That being said, there are notes that are more likely to boost our mood: for example, choose a chamomile-based perfume for a calming scent and orange for a revitalizing aroma.

3. BOOSTS OUR CONFIDENCE: just like an accessory, a dash of fragrance boosts our morale and makes us feel more glamorous. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all confidence-boosting perfume because we individually connect to a scent on an emotional level. When we put on a fragrance that we connect to positively, it can instantly make us feel confident.

4. MAKES US ATTRACTIVE: when humans are attracted to each other, it impacts all our senses, in particular, our olfactory sense. Perfumes can awaken our senses for sensuality and increase attraction. Researches have found that rose oil, musk, and lily of the valley were scents that could boost stimulation and be more attractive.

5. TRIGGERS MEMORIES: scent can transport us back in time. Smells are routed through the olfactory bulb, which is the region that analyses scents and this part is closely related to the region that handles memory and emotion (amygdala and hippocampus). Therefore, we choose perfumes for a reason, either it brings back some memories or makes us feel a certain way.

6. TREATS INSOMNIA: if you are suffering from insomnia, perfume can work as a therapy. The essential oils will help us relax and enjoy a good night sleep. Lavender, in particular, has a calming fragrance and helps us relax before bed.

7. AROMATHERAPY: perfume can be used as a holistic healing treatment to promote health and well-being. It is a complete sensorial experience and lifts our mind and spirit. The relaxation benefits due to ingredients like woody and floral scents make them a great option.

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