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10 Secrets Revealed On How To Smell Fresh and Clean 24/7

You may start the day smelling fresh and ready to tackle your daily tasks. By the point you reach your office, however, you might notice that your freshness has drifted away.

Although taking a shower and maintaining personal hygiene influence a pleasing smell, there are other factors that make our body’s aroma last all day.

These are the 10 secrets of people that smell fresh all day: 


1. DIET IS KEY: “you are what you eat” and this applies to how you smell. A diet with a lot of onion, garlic, processed food and spices will affect your breath and your skin for up to 48 hours. Food not only affects your body odour but also how perfume develops on your skin. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and clean proteins are ideal to have a nice smell.

2. STAY HYDRATED: when the skin dries, it tends to absorb and dissipate the perfumes much faster.

3. RE-APPLY YOUR PERFUME: choose the right scent for your skin, one that you feel comfortable on and that you can touch up throughout the day with your Distinct Scent atomizer.

4. MAKE YOUR PERFUME LAST LONGER: people often don’t realize that where you spritz fragrance on your body can make all the difference. Get the full benefit from your fragrance by following those 5 hacks.

5. USE BODY LOTIONS AND OILS: additionally to your perfume, you can add layers to make your body and hair smell good longer.

6. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES: the way you wash your clothes and how you dry them make a difference in how you smell.

7. KEEP A PERFUMED SACHET IN YOUR DRAWERS: sachets have material that absorbs odour and distribute fragrance over time.

8. SPRAY YOUR ENVIRONMENT: experts recommend spraying perfume in your home, your bed, your clothes and your hair to smell good all day. Other ways to make your house smell amazing is to change your bed sheets at least every week and put candles in every room.

9. CLEAN YOUR SHOES REGULARLY: shoes can easily become smelly if they aren’t clean often due to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria. Put dryer sheets or newspaper in your shoes to remove odours.

10. HAVE A POWDER FOR YOUR FEET: if your feet tend to smell bad during the day, apply talcum powder several times a day.


What other hacks have you used to smell good all day?

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