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How To Pack Like A Pro To Maximize Your Luggage Space

Packing can be a stressful moment before the holidays. Regardless of how often you travel, there is always this feeling of having forgotten something or being overwhelmed by all the clothes you want to bring.


Follow those 10 space-saving tips to ensure your pack all your favorite items efficiently: 


1. ROLL YOUR CLOTHES: folding covers more surface area in the suitcase. Rolling your clothes will save you space compared to folding.

2. BRING SAMPLE SIZES OF YOUR BEAUTY ITEMS: include small containers of your favorite skincare products in your toiletry bag. Use your Distinct Scent spray to store your perfumes or oils. When filled, it can spray up to 80 times.

3. USE THE INSIDE OF YOUR SHOES: shoes are the perfect place to store small items such as socks and belts.

4. COVER YOUR SHOES WITH A SHOWER CAP: instead of packing your shoes in a plastic bag, a shower cap will save space while protecting everything else from dirt.

5. PUT YOUR BELT IN YOUR SHIRT: pack your belt in your shirt collar to keep it stiff.

6. WEAR YOUR BULKIEST ITEMS: wear your large jacket, heavy boots, and jacket when you are traveling. If it is not an option, evaluate whether you have something similar and that wouldn’t take up half your luggage.

7. TAKE PICTURES OF INTERESTING PAGES OF A GUIDE: instead of bringing your full travel guide, consider taking a picture of the best pages. Alternatively, you can copy paste them in a Word document or photocopy the relevant pages.

8. PACK IN ADVANCE: take your time packing and looking forward to your upcoming trip. Start organizing your clothes a week before your trip and divide your packing in a few days to ensure you don’t forget anything.

9. MAKE A LIST OF THE ESSENTIAL: keep a list of all the recurrent items you shouldn’t forget so you can always refer back to this list when packing. This inventory will allow you to stay organized and have a stress-free vacation.

10. CHECK THE WEATHER: this should go without saying, but take a moment to check the weather forecast so you can pack the adequate clothes.

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