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How To Organize The Most Memorable Girls Trip

Planning a trip is always a good idea, but there is nothing like getting away with your girls.

Picture this: spa days, cooking class, shopping, cocktail night, catching up on the latest gossips (cliché?).

For a few days, ladies can leave the guys behind and spend their time pampering themselves and have a few nights out, sounds heavenly, right? It will be if you plan it right.

By planning ahead, a little organization and paying attention to detail, the trip can be just that dreamy, but without it, it can go south.

Follow these 6 tips for the ultimate girls’ getaway: LET’S GO GIRLS!


1. THINK ABOUT GROUP DYNAMICS: no matter if you are staying in the most beautiful city you have ever seen, if you don’t bond with your travel companions, it won’t be the enjoyable experience you had imagined. Do they have similar interests? Will their personalities match? Are they within the same age range? Choose your travel buddies wisely and ensure the friends you are thinking about will get along with each other. You will discover your friend's habits that you never knew about and they will find the same about you. Don’t let this deter you from traveling with a group, and with a little organization, it will bring you closer and strengthen your friendship.


2. PLAN WELL IN ADVANCE: appoint a leader or two to coordinate the trip and keep a precise organization. If one person in charge creates tensions, you could also have different people leading different aspects of the group vacation (for example, one for the accommodation and another one for the things to do). You can still discuss and agree on the final choices as a group, but it will mean that one person leads the initiative and is the go-to person who knows how the planning is progressing. Discuss as many elements of the trip ahead of the vacation such as goals, itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and activities.

Another important topic to raise as a group is to agree on a trip budget, individually and as a shared pot. Money can be a sensitive topic and by agreeing beforehand on the expenditures, you can avoid many conflicts later. Make sure to be as specific as possible as the definition of “affordable” might be different from one person to another.


3. MAKE IT COLLABORATIVE: consider creating a shared wish list and invite your friends to add listings for destinations, accommodations, and activities and encourage them to vote on favorites. Determine what is most important to the group and filter the search accordingly. Online polls are good ways to get a sense of the majority’s opinion. Encourage everyone to be on board with the group travel plan and have a say in planning your girls’ getaway. Communication is the key to great group trip planning.


4. CREATE A PRIVATE MESSAGE GROUP: to ease the communication while planning and traveling and keeping abreast of everyone’s whereabouts throughout the day, a messaging app will come in handy. Establishing a clear channel of communication will benefit everyone.


5. BE FLEXIBLE: just because you are traveling as a group doesn’t mean you need to stay together the whole time. If you can’t reach a consensus, divide the group according to people’s preferences and don’t be afraid to go off on your own if there is something you really want to do or see. Girls gateways are about taking it easy so keep it light and harmonious whenever possible.


6. JUST HAVE FUN: planning ahead will eliminate those stressful moments and avoid any tensions. These moments are precious and traveling together can create a stronger bond. The key is to enjoy the present moment and spend quality time with your besties.

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