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How To Get From Desk To Date With These Beauty Tips

Transforming your look from day to night without ever going home to change is easier than you think.

You’ve secured yourself a hot date after work – that was the hardest part – and you are aiming to go from appropriate work wear to sexy night-out outfit… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


With a little preparation, you can be that flawless person that is polished at any time of the day.

Here is a guide on how to quickly go from businesswomen attire to attractive date style:


1. Put some volume and texture in your hair with dry shampoo.

2. Style your hair with some serum to make your ends look shiny but not greasy.

3. Keep a mini flat iron in your desk drawer to give a more defined look to your hair and bring your roots back to life.

4. Glam up with extra strokes of mascara and add a pop of color on your lips.

5. Reapply deodorant and freshen up your scent with Distinct Scent travel spray.

6. Go for a basic outfit such as a little black dress. An LBD is the easiest thing to wear at the office and throw on for a night out. To make the look more appropriate for the office, pair it with a formal blazer and switch it for a leather jacket in the evening.

7. Leave a tuxedo blazer on your office coat hanger to add a refined vibe to your outfit and shape your silhouette.

8. Switch from practical flats at work to stilettos that you keep under your desk. Those elegant high heels will make you taller and make your calves look slimmer.

9. Add a piece of jewelry to compliment your look. A statement necklace can bring onlookers’ eyes up to your face and can reflect your personality.

10. Stash a chic clutch on your desk. Select one that is elegant and big enough to keep all your essentials, you won’t need that laptop tonight!

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