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Get Ready In No Time With Those 8 Life-Changing Tips

You’ve been told time and time again about the endless benefits of being organized. But did you listen?

Establishing an organized morning routine will help to create a calmer, more efficient morning to get your day start off on the right foot.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can implement that will make your morning routine much faster and you might even be able to squeeze in this extra 10 minute of sleep.

1. LAY OUT YOUR CLOTHES THE DAY BEFORE: doing things the night before is all about cutting down how many decisions you have to make in the morning. Pick your outfit the night before, it will save you some time and you will start your day out with a peace of mind. Another advantage is that you have more time to think about your outfit, so you look more put together.

2. SLEEP ON A SILK PILLOWCASE: sleeping on a silk pillowcase has serious beauty benefits. Some of them include leaving you less puffy in the morning, keeping your face look refreshed or preventing frizzy hair. Sleeping on luxury silk pillowcases will help keep that bed head under control and therefore, you will spend less time trying to conceal your tired eyes.

3. USE AN IN-SHOWER MOISTURISER: moisturizing your skin right after a shower is an important beauty ritual but it can eat up an extra ten minutes of your schedule. In-shower body lotions are here to help you hydrate and moisturize your skin and it cuts down on your post-shower tasks. It’s a great way to keep skin silky smooth without the fuss, and all you have to do is apply it all over as you would a body wash, then rinse.

4. WASH YOUR HAIR WITH A CLEANSING CONDITIONER: cleansing conditioners are gentle, detergent-free, all-in-one formulas that clean, hydrate and condition hair in one step. They contain little-to-no sulfates and they leave hair soft and frizz-free. It’s not a shampoo, not yet a conditioner but it’s formulated in a way that leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean, and with an added moisturizing element.

5. PICK UP MULTI-PURPOSE MAKE-UP: for a quick, streamlined makeup routine that can bust out on busy mornings, use products that do double duty. Whether it’s a primer + foundation + concealer or a blush + lip color + eye shadow, you will want to incorporate them into your beauty routine as soon as you try them. These products will save you time, money and space in your make-up bags.

6. BRAID YOUR HAIR THE NIGHT BEFORE: for simple and natural waves overnight, detangle your hair before bed, and make your braid nice and loose. In the morning, just unbraid your hair, run your fingers through it, and you are good to go. Additionally to avoiding heat styling, braiding your hair before bed locks in moisture, minimizes frizz and prevents breakage.

7. USE DRY SHAMPOO: whenever there is no time for a proper shampoo and blow-dry, dry shampoo is your best friend. It will make your hair look, feel and smell fresher and cleaner. Directly spray it at your roots and it will add volume and fullness. Add a touch on your ends to hold a textured upstyle and revive your style in no time.

8. GROUP ITEMS: organize items together such as hair-care products or make-up items. Take into account what order you use different items in, and how often. Keep all your cosmetics and grooming aids near the area you are getting ready (ie. next to the mirror or in your wardrobe). You will save time by being able to put your hand on exactly what you need when you need it, use it and return it to where it belongs.

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