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Beauty Secrets Of French Women: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

What is it about French women? Whether it is the flawless skin or effortlessly tousled hair, the French have something everyone seems to covet. French beauty has been chased and pined for around the world for centuries.

In each country, there is an idea of what beauty is and in France, beauty is about being yourself and embracing your features rather than trying to change them. It revolves around optimizing a woman’s allure in an imperfect and seemingly effortless way.


These are the few local secrets for how to look perfectly imperfect, without ever trying too hard.


SKINCARE: French women don’t think of skincare as pampering but as a necessary part of life. They are not looking for a quick fix but rather a ritual that will work for them and that they can stick with for life. Skincare is more important than makeup and they would rather put all their money into keeping their skin naturally radiant and clear, rather than on good foundations or concealers. They spend on good quality, high end, and performance-driven skincare products. They consider their skin as an investment and will never skimp on quality.

French women's beauty routines are centered on feeling good both in self-confidence and in energy and happiness.

For the French, it’s all about aging gracefully and confidently. Instead of fighting the inevitability of aging, they are embracing the wrinkles that show that they have lived and laughed. Looking natural is a priority.


MAKEUP: they follow the “less is more” maxim with makeup and focus on great-looking skin instead. The French secret is about simplicity. The goal is to highlight certain features and not to cover or hide. They choose one feature and focus solely on that, whether it is red lipstick or smudgy eyeliner and keep everything else even more minimal than you think you need.


AESTHETICS: a crucial secret is to be polished, but never look like you tried too hard or took too long. When a French woman wears eyeliner, she smudges it so it looks like she had a late night and slept in her makeup. When she wears lipstick, she dabs some off with her finger, so it looks like she might have been kissed.


HAIR: French women are taught from a young age their grandma’s beauty rituals. They would rinse their hair with cold water with an added tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice for added shine before moisturizing. When it comes to hair color, French women prefer a natural-looking color that suits their complexion and eye color and they will always go for the lowest maintenance shades.

Also, forget about blowouts, they want amazing texture with their hair: their usual routine would consist of washing their hair and air-drying them.


PERFUME: spritzing perfume is more of an art form for French women than a step before running out the door. To start, French women are very faithful to their perfumes. They wear the same one for years and do not change it, whether it’s morning or evening, winter or summer. Touch up your favorite scent throughout the day with Distinct Scent pocket spray.


DIET: the French approach to food is simple: eat well and enjoy it. They take time to enjoy food and sit down to family meals. They eat the best quality they can get and eat in moderation. They follow a similar Mediterranean-type diet, with an emphasis on fresh products, olive oil, whole grains, fish and meat. In addition to having a good skincare routine to “feed” the skin, they will eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and they tend to stay away from unprocessed foods.

French women know that hydration is the key to healthy-looking skin and water is one of the French women’s secret weapons for beauty and health.

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