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6 Must-Have Travel Essentials To Feel Fresh During Your Flight

With lack of space for hours, staying in the same clothes and having your feet swelling, no one feels at its best during a flight.

Make the best out of your trip with these tips from long-haul flight experts for feeling fresh:

1. MOISTURIZING CREAMS: the cooling system used in a plane tends to dry out your skin. Because airplanes have low humidity, apply a hydrating moisturizing cream mid-flight on your face and hands. Try to keep your makeup to a minimum or remove it altogether to let your skin breathe.

2. BODY OIL: complimentary to your moisturizer, you can apply body oil to soften and tone your skin. Pack your oil in our Distinct Scent travel bottles and spritz it on your forearms for a glowing effect.

3. BABY WIPES: you can use them for anything and they are ideal for quick, on-the-move clean-ups! They are great for wiping your hands, your seatback tray (which are the dirtiest place on an airplane) or any surface you are finding gross. When a shower is hours out of reach, revive yourself with a swift cool down.

4. HAND SANITIZER: washing your hands with soap and water before eating is common sense – duh! – but a hand sanitizer also does its magic in removing the germs when you are on the go.

5. TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE: clean teeth can change the game and make you go from huh to fresh in no time. If you are prone to bad breath, packing some mints or spray also do the trick.

6. WATER BOTTLE: declining the free wine is not easy but if you want to feel fresh when you land, you need to choose your battles. Pack a water bottle that you can refill after the security and stay hydrated throughout the flight. Some airplanes offer water but it’s never enough so fill up your bottle to be safe.

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