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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Perfume

A perfume is an extension of yourself and finding a scent you love can be challenging but if you know what you are looking for, how to look for it, the experience can be enjoyable.

These are the 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a perfume:



The best place to start is to do your research and start with smells that you already love in your daily life. The lavender and rosemary shampoo from your mother? The ocean smell of your clothes after laundry? The lemon deodorant you wear after the gym? They can all serve as a great starting point for finding your ideal fragrance. Search for scents that include those notes like the ones you love in your products.

Also, familiarising yourself with the lingo of fragrance - top, middle and bottom notes – can help you make an educated decision when you talk to a professional at the store.



Floral scents might be booming in popularity and violet leaves your friend’s favorite but you should never select a scent based on people’s opinions.

New perfumes come out every day and brands are investing millions in marketing to make you want to buy them. Try to forget the pretty packaging, the cool designer and the perfect model.

It can also be tempting to buy the same scent as a friend. However, a scent may sometimes smell completely different on two different people because perfumes are sensitive to your environment: light, heat, your body chemistry, and diet.

Your perfume should be the reflection of your personality and have notes that you find pleasing.

Choose a smell that fit you and that match your own unique style. It’s a personal choice, so always go with what naturally appeals to your senses.



Try perfumes on the skin, preferably on a pulse point, whenever possible and wait before you make a decision. A perfume’s top notes wear off within 30 minutes so the essence of the scent will reveal only after it heats up on your skin.

Experts recommend wearing your fragrance at least twice in two distinct environments. Your surroundings, your diet, and even the weather can influence how your skin smells and the fragrance wears on you.

With an easy pump to refill, our Distinct Scent portable perfume can be brought with you to the store and be used as a sample. This will allow you to wear the perfume over a few days, giving you time to choose the right scent.

If people tell you that they like the scent you are wearing, stop wondering, you made the right choice!

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